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Standard and Specialty Services and Treatments

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Regular grooming does much more than just make your pets look good. It’s one of the most basic and important steps in maintaining your pet’s good health. Grooming often provides the earliest opportunity to spot signs of allergies, abrasions, and other medical issues, helping to catch small problems before they become big ones. Whether your pet needs a full groom or just a bath and brush the following services are standard: 

Standard Services for Dogs

  • Hand Scissoring Feet and Pads
  • Shampoo and Hand Blow Dry
  • Basic Brushing / De-matting
  • Breed-Specific Cut
  • Nail Trimming / Buffing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Sanitary Trim 
  • Bandana or Bows 
  • Pet Cologne


Specialty Services & Treatments

If your pet has any special skincare needs or other areas of concern, please let us know so we can address these issues. Special skin-sensitive shampoos and treatments can be used as needed. We use the highest quality products to leave your pet’s coat soft and healthy.

Flea & Tick Treatment

Kills fleas and ticks. This treatment promotes strong resistance to insect immunity for complete and effective flea and tick control.

Oatmeal Shampoo

Relieves itching, deodorizes, and promotes a healthy shiny coat. Soothes itchy skin.

Moisturizing Treatment

Revitalize and moisturize your dog’s dry coat to promote healthy skin.

Medicated Shampoo & Rinse

Stops itching, reduces shedding, and promotes a healthy shiny coat. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal removes scales, and deodorizes.

Senior Soak

Soothing treatment to promote relaxation which eases muscle aches, pains and arthritis.

De-Shedding Treatment

A non-irritating treatment to help remove undercoat and loose hair. Promotes healthy skin and coat.

⭐️ Other services included upon request:

🔸 Teeth Brushing    🔸 Anal Gland Expression


Due to the differing needs of different breeds, as well as individual fluctuations in condition of coat and special circumstances, the time needed to complete grooming services cannot be estimated before a dog’s ‘in-person” assessment the pet salon.